so what do you know?

Hi!  I’m Evan Goepfert. I’ve been in the IT world since I was 16 (talk about an upgrade from pizza cook).  I started as a desktop support intern and am now the Sr. Network Engineer for a major PBM company.  I’ve touched many aspects of the IT world, helpdesk/desktop, server admin, a long stint doing Mitel VoIP, and now networking.

I love this industry.  It keeps me constantly challenged and that’s important if you want to constantly grow.  Look, I’d probably do this stuff anyway as a hobby, so it’s nice that people basically pay me to play around with their millions of dollars worth of toys.

I have a mountain of Mitel certs, a CCNP, and have passed my CCIE written.  Here I come lab!

my site for helping others with networking