So you like what you see and you think you want me to do some work for you? Awesome.I am working full time, but can slip in some jobs after hours and on weekends. Typically I charge $150/hr for network/voip consulting.  If it’s a task that is going to require me to build something in a lab first I normally don’t charge full rate for that time, but all on-site time is charged at full rate no matter what you have me doing.

Why do I do that?


I had a bad experience where a client kept me waiting while they finished cabling and then threw a hissy fit when I billed them for the time.  I hate being bored.  So if you have an interesting project and I want to lab it out I figure you should be rewarded with a lower labor rate.  If I end up having to wait I can at least take solace in the fact that I’m getting paid my full rate.

Perks when you’re an established client:

  • You get priority booking over new clients
  • My cell phone #
  • No charge for questions via email (if I can answer it in less than 15 minutes of typing)
  • No charge for questions on the phone (if I can answer it in less than 5 minutes)
So you read all that and still want me? Great! Email me: or twitter (I guess…) @networkhppytime


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