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1000V and the Cisco 1010 Appliance Pt. 1

We’re finally kicking off a project to get the 1000v in place. I’m super excited to get to work on this tech. I had been to training for the install and config a long time ago, so I’ve pretty much forgotten all of that by now, but this time I actually get to do it and learn from my mistakes instead of doing a lab out of a book 🙂

First things first: your 1010’s will not come up if they can’t talk to each other, so make sure the interfaces are up and configured.

Second, there’s a lot of info on how to upgrade the appliance software, and how to install VEMs (the virtual switches) into VMware, but that assumes that your VSM is up and running. I spent a lot of time confused about where to pull the software for the appliance VSM. It’s in the zip that you pull for the VEM image, so that’s helpful. But now you get to decide on which image to use, because there are 3 in the same directory (1 ISO and 2 OVA imagaes). One of the OVA files will have 1010 somewhere towards the end of the name, that’s the one you need to use.

The documentation posted on the Cisco site is also missing a rather critical piece of information. The doc says to create the VSM the image needs to be in bootflash. So of course I copied the image to the root of bootflash. Because that’s what the doc says to do. When you try to create the VSM you get this:

1010(config-vsb-config)# virtual-service-blade-type new nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.2.2.1010.ova
ERROR: ISO/OVA package not found

Well crap, maybe it didn’t copy…let’s check:

1010(config-vsb-config)# dir
262644295 Jun 06 21:50:03 2014
77824 Sep 21 17:51:45 2013 accounting.log
4096 Sep 21 17:29:43 2013 core/
4096 Sep 21 17:28:02 2013 export-import/
230 Sep 21 17:33:35 2013 initial.config.setup
4096 Sep 21 17:29:43 2013 log/
16384 Sep 21 17:29:20 2013 lost+found/
1086 Sep 20 22:18:05 2013 mts.log
132939010 Jun 20 23:32:48 2014 nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.2.2.1010.ova
152580096 Jun 20 21:28:01 2014 nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.2.2.iso
19618304 Sep 21 17:52:10 2013 nexus-1010-kickstart-mz.4.2.1.SP1.3.bin
19634688 Sep 21 17:29:32 2013 nexus-1010-kickstart-mz.4.2.1.SP1.6.1.bin
52738685 Sep 20 21:44:57 2013 nexus-1010-mz.4.2.1.SP1.3.bin
53880462 Sep 21 17:29:35 2013 nexus-1010-mz.4.2.1.SP1.6.1.bin
4096 Sep 21 17:51:37 2013 repository/
3951 Sep 20 22:18:30 2013 stp.log.1
4096 Sep 21 17:30:00 2013 vdc_2/
4096 Sep 21 17:30:00 2013 vdc_3/
4096 Sep 21 17:30:00 2013 vdc_4/
163 Sep 21 17:33:35 2013 vsh.config.log

Nope, it’s in there. Well, you see that repository/ directory? Yeah, that’s where is has to go. So:
1010# copy bootflash:nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.2.2.1010.ova bootflash:repository/nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.2.2.1010.ova
1010# dir bootflash:repository
16384 Sep 22 01:23:32 2013 lost+found/
132939010 Jun 22 17:15:43 2014 nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.2.2.1010.ova

1010(config-vsb-config)# virtual-service-blade-type new nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.2.2.1010.ova
OVA extract operation may take upto 100 minutes. Please be patient..
Note: please be patient..
Note: please be patient..
Note: please be patient..
Note: please be patient..
1010(config-vsb-config)# show virtual-service-blade-type summary

Virtual-Service-Blade-Type Virtual-Service-Blade

Well, there you go. Put things in the directory they’re looking for and it works perfectly. Wish that was included in the documentation, I want some hours of my life back.