Junos, olive, GNS3…should be easy, right? Pt4

It’ll dump you back to the previous screen with the line selected with an X on it.  Hit the tab key and then enter.


Select 1 to install via CD or DVD and hit yes on the next screen


It’s going to do some stuff now…be patient here, don’t freak out if it doesn’t look like it’s moving for a while.  You’ll see multiple progress bars and finally you’ll get to this…select yes when you get here.


Go down to set root password and hit enter…then type in a password for this image, please remember it


Go ahead and exit when you get to the next screen


Now exit the install…yes, you’re sure you want to exit.


This will restart the qemu application…hit Ctrl+Alt+2 to kill it…that’ll take you to this


Type Q and hit enter to exit. That’ll close the qemu window and take you back to your command prompt.


still not done yet PT5