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Every network engineer learns on different gear.  CatOS, Junos, Cisco IOS, and probably others.  It can be exceptionally frustrating to change platforms.  All of your favorite commands are different, your debug process gets all screwed up, you know the information you want to get, but that stupid new OS won’t just give it up.

I had a little adventure that gave me the opportunity to work on a lot of Junos gear and I have an IOS background.  Hopefully I can help some other people out a bit by translating some of my favorite commands to Junos, point out interesting features, or painful differences.

This is all going to be totally biased because I didn’t start on this gear and more often than not I get frustrated with having to do something a totally different way.  It is what it is.

I’m also starting to implement some of the virtual networking solutions (1000v in particular) so I’ll try to keep posting the things I learn along the way. The monumental task around the corner now that I’ve passed my CCIE written is the CCIE lab.

Update: I’ve taken it twice now. It’s a painful exam. Everything about it is meant to mess you up, but studying for the exam has made me a much better engineer. I know at least two incidents that I’ve been able to identify faster than before because of this preparation.

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